Turning SETAC's Young Environmental Scientists Meeting virtual

End of February, we, the Student Advisory Council of SETAC Europe, successfully held the biannual (European) Young Environmental Scientists (YES) Meeting online with participants from all over the world. The event comprised all features of an equivalent physical meeting, including space for networking and socializing.

Turning virtual

"What are the challenges of turning a physical conference into an online event?" - This was the main question that we, the Student Advisory Council of SETAC Europe, faced when the 10th Young Environmental Scientists Meeting had to turn to the virtual space. Although the meeting was initially planned to take place in Aachen, Germany, we decided to take on the challenge of hosting the first virtual YES meeting instead of cancelling - a decision so many others had to face.

The Challenges

The most challenging hurdle was to ensure a proper representation of the scientific conference format, where every participant would be able to access platform presentations and posters independent from the European time-based conference programme.
Moreover, the conference's virtual format implied a drastically different environment for any networking or social event we planned. To this point, no "best practices" were available except for comparably few other virtual conferences that rapidly switched from in-person to virtual format in 2020. Nevertheless, we were able to find and create entertaining online activities that facilitated social interactions in the virtual space.
Lastly, due to the current global health crisis, our budget to conduct the conference was smaller than usual. This sparked our initiative to apply for external funding at our affiliated research institutions.


The fruits of our work

After countless hours of emailing and building the online platform, we launched the event on the 22nd of February for 103 participants who joined from their home bases reaching from as far as Australia, the US or South Africa (and also including 9 participants from Eawag). The prerecorded platform presentations and uploaded posters were accessible to the participants at any time, in case they couldn't join the eight live sessions with scheduled presentations and discussions. 
Locations on world map from where the YES 2021 participants joined the conference.
Four Keynote speakers from different sectors of environmental sciences gave valuable insights into the importance of networking, open access publishing, working in industry as a scientist and the solutions to current global environmental crises.
Socializing and networking opportunities included ice-breaking online games, two poster socials, several yoga classes, a movie night, a trivia game evening, a virtual conference dinner and many other smaller events. Last but not least, the participants had a chance to expand their skillset in eleven workshops and training courses, including mental health, scholarship application, mass spectrometry and LCA applications, CV tuning, visual communication and data storage and management.
All this could not have happened without our sponsors that financially supported our efforts: GRADE Sustain of the Goethe University, Swiss Federal Insitute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Agilent, Syngenta, ToxRat, fera, Environmental Science & Technology, Talking Bridge and SETAC Europe.
Collection of impressions from the YES 2021

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                   Gomis,&nbsp;M.&nbsp;I.; Filipovic,&nbsp;M.; Cousins,&nbsp;I.&nbsp;T.
' (145 chars) title => protected'Children's exposure to perfluoroalkyl acids – a modelling approach' (68 chars) journal => protected'Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts' (44 chars) year => protected2019 (integer) volume => protected21 (integer) issue => protected'11' (2 chars) startpage => protected'1875' (4 chars) otherpage => protected'1886' (4 chars) categories => protected'' (0 chars) description => protected'Adults are mainly exposed to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) <em
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                  s for children the exposure to PFASs is largely unknown. This study aimed to
                   reconstruct the serum concentrations of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perf
                  luorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorohexane sulfonic acid (PFHxS) i
                  n children after infancy up to 10.5 years of age and to test if dietary inta
                  ke is the major exposure pathway for children to PFOA, PFOS and PFHxS after
                  infancy. For this work, a dataset from a Finnish child cohort study was avai
                  lable, which comprised serum concentrations of the studied perfluoroalkyl ac
                  ids (PFAAs) and PFAS concentration measurements in dust and air samples from
                   the children's bedrooms. The calculated PFAA intakes were used in a pharmac
                  okinetic model to reconstruct the PFAA serum concentrations from 1 to 10.5 y
                  ears of age. The calculated PFOA and PFOS intakes were close to current regu
                  latory intake thresholds and diet was the major exposure medium for the 10.5
                   year-olds. The one-compartment PK model reconstructed median PFOA and PFOS
                  serum concentrations well compared to corresponding measured median serum co
                  ncentrations, while the modelled PFHxS serum concentrations showed a constan
                  t underestimation. The results imply that children's exposure to PFOA and PF
                  OS after breastfeeding and with increasing age resembles the exposure of adu
                  lts. Further, the children in the Finnish cohort experienced a rather consta
                  nt exposure to PFOA and PFOS between 1 and 10.5 years of age. The PFHxS expo
                  sure sources and respective pharmacokinetic parameter estimations need furth
                  er investigation.
' (1689 chars) serialnumber => protected'2050-7887' (9 chars) doi => protected'10.1039/C9EM00323A' (18 chars) uid => protected19632 (integer) _localizedUid => protected19632 (integer)modified _languageUid => protectedNULL _versionedUid => protected19632 (integer)modified pid => protected124 (integer)
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                  ng a permanent rainbow trout liver cell line
' (120 chars) journal => protected'Environment International' (25 chars) year => protected2023 (integer) volume => protected174 (integer) issue => protected'' (0 chars) startpage => protected'107798 (13 pp.)' (15 chars) otherpage => protected'' (0 chars) categories => protected'bioaccumulation; RTL-W1; in vitro - in vivo extrapolation; ionizable organic
                   compounds (IOC); biotransformation; HPLC HRMS/MS; new approach methodology
' (157 chars) description => protected'Permanent rainbow trout (<em>Oncorhynchus mykiss</em>) cell lines represent
                  potential <em>in vitro</em> alternatives to experiments with fish. We here d
                  eveloped a method to assess the bioaccumulation potential of anionic organic
                   compounds in fish, using the rainbow trout liver-derived RTL-W1 cell line.
                  Based on the availability of high quality <em>in vivo</em> bioconcentration
                  (BCF) and biomagnification (BMF) data and the substances’ charge state at
                  physiological pH, four anionic compounds were selected: pentachlorophenol (P
                  CP), diclofenac (DCF), tecloftalam (TT) and benzotriazol-<em>tert</em>-butyl
                  -hydroxyl-phenyl propanoic acid (BHPP). The fish cell line acute toxicity as
                  say (OECD TG249) was used to derive effective concentrations 50 % and non-t
                  oxic exposure concentrations to determine exposure concentrations for bioacc
                  umulation experiments. Bioaccumulation experiments were performed over 48 h
                   with a total of six time points, at which cell, medium and plastic fraction
                  s were sampled and measured using high resolution tandem mass spectrometry a
                  fter online solid phase extraction. Observed cell internal concentrations we
                  re over-predicted by K<sub>OW</sub>-derived predictions while pH-dependent o
                  ctanol–water partitioning (D<sub>OW</sub>) and membrane lipid-water partit
                  ioning (D<sub>MLW</sub>) gave better predictions of cell internal concentrat
                  ions. Measured medium and cell internal concentrations at steady state were
                  used to calculate RTL-W1-based BCF, which were compared to D<sub>OW</sub>- o
                  r D<sub>MLW</sub>-based model approaches and <em>in vivo</em> data. With the
                   exception of PCP, the cell-derived BCF best compared to D<sub>OW</sub>-base
                  d model predictions, which were higher than predictions based on D<sub>MLW</
                  sub>. All methods predicted the <em>in vivo</em> BCF for diclofenac well. Fo
                  r PCP, the cell-derived BCF was lowest although all BCF predictions underest
                  imated the <em>in vivo</em> BCF by ≥ 1 order of magnitude. The RTL-W1 ce
                  lls, and all other predi...
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                  cell lines
' (86 chars) journal => protected'Environmental Science and Technology' (36 chars) year => protected2024 (integer) volume => protected2024 (integer) issue => protected'58' (2 chars) startpage => protected'1452' (4 chars) otherpage => protected'1461' (4 chars) categories => protected'new approach methodologies (NAM); ionizable organic compounds (IOC); quatern
                  ary ammonium ion; alkyl amines; rainbow trout cell lines; phospholipids
' (147 chars) description => protected'Cationic surfactants are used in many industrial processes and in consumer p
                  roducts with concurrent release into the aquatic environment, where they may
                   accumulate in aquatic organisms to regulatoryly relevant thresholds. Here,
                  we aimed to better understand the bioconcentration behavior of three selecte
                  d cationic surfactants, namely <em>N,N</em>-dimethyldecylamine (T10), <em>N<
                  /em>-methyldodecylamine (S12), and <em>N,N,N</em>-trimethyltetradecylammoniu
                  m cation (Q14), in the cells of fish liver (RTL-W1) and gill (RTgill-W1) cel
                  l lines. We conducted full mass balances for bioconcentration tests with the
                   cell cultures, in which the medium, the cell surface, the cells themselves,
                   and the plastic compartment were sampled and quantified for each surfactant
                   by HPLC MS/MS. Accumulation in/to cells correlated with the surfactants' al
                  kyl chain lengths and their membrane lipid–water partitioning coefficient,
                   <em>D</em><sub>MLW</sub>. Cell-derived bioconcentration factors (BCF) of T1
                  0 and S12 were within a factor of 3.5 to <em>in vivo</em> BCF obtained from
                  the literature, while the cell-derived BCF values for Q14 were &gt;100 times
                   higher than the <em>in vivo</em> BCF. From our experiments, rainbow trout c
                  ell lines appear as a suitable conservative <em>in vitro</em> screening meth
                  od for bioconcentration assessment of cationic surfactants and are promising
                   for further testing.
' (1389 chars) serialnumber => protected'0013-936X' (9 chars) doi => protected'10.1021/acs.est.3c05360' (23 chars) uid => protected32425 (integer) _localizedUid => protected32425 (integer)modified _languageUid => protectedNULL _versionedUid => protected32425 (integer)modified pid => protected124 (integer)
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            "Investigating the bioaccumulation potential of anionic organic compounds us
            ing a permanent rainbow trout liver cell line" /> <meta name="citation_publi
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            Environment International" /> <meta name="citation_issn" content="0160-4120"
             /> <meta name="citation_firstpage" content="107798 (13 pp.)" /> <meta name=
            "citation_doi" content="10.1016/j.envint.2023.107798" /> <meta name="citatio
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            _of-%28published_version%29.pdf" /> <meta name="citation_abstract_html_url"
            content="https://www.dora.lib4ri.ch/eawag/islandora/object/eawag%3A30435/" /
            > <link rel="shortcut icon" href="https://www.dora.lib4ri.ch/eawag/sites/eaw
            ag/files/favicon_1.ico" type="image/vnd.microsoft.icon" /> <meta name="citat
            ion_author" content="Balk, Fabian" /> <meta name="citation_author" content="
            Hollender, Juliane" /> <...
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protected'Schweiz' (7 chars) www => protected'' (0 chars) company => protected'Eawag' (5 chars) image => protectedTYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Persistence\ObjectStorageprototypeobject (empty) lastlogin => protectedDateTimeprototypeobject (2000-01-01T00:00:00+01:00, 946681200)modified uid => protected1985 (integer) _localizedUid => protected1985 (integer)modified _languageUid => protectedNULL _versionedUid => protected1985 (integer)modified pid => protected21 (integer)
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Fabian Balk
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  • Kristin Schirmer

    at 23.03.2021
    Dear Fabian: Thank you for sharing this experience, which I am sure will be valuable to others. And as well a big thanks to you and your team for making this meeting possible. Well done!
    • Andreas Schaeffer

      at 27.03.2021
      Thank you really very much for organizing such meeting, a meeting for youngsters only!
      Andreas Erickson, Mafalda Castro, Lena Benner, Kristina Bitter, Markus Schmitz, Marian Abboud, Ana Ramos, Samuel Moeris, Fabian Balk - you did a splendid and important job!