Janet Hering

Director, Direktion / T +41 58 765 5001 / janet.hering@eawag.ch


Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Professor of Environmental Chemistry
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Research Interests

Biogeochemical cycling of trace metals and metalloids:
microbial redox cycling; field studies of metal redox cycling, mobilization, and sequestration

Mineral weathering and reactions at mineral surfaces:

mechanisms and kinetics of dissolution and precipitation reactions; macroscopic, spectroscopic, and modeling studies of sorption processes

Knowledge exchange at the interface of science with policy and practice

Water treatment processes for removal of inorganic contaminants:
role of sorption in contaminant removal; design of novel sorbents

Research Group
The Hering research group is a "virtual" research group (i.e., all group members are jointly supervised by Prof. Hering and another member of the Eawag research staff).

Articles from Janet Hering